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Roof cleaning specialist Lincolnshire

Maintaining your Home is an essential part of keeping your home or business in top condition – a build up of leaves, moss, dirt and other debris can stop your home from functioning. Left alone for a long period of time, this can cause problems than can be expensive to fix. The expert cleaning services at Greenshield mean you can be confident that Home Is clear and free of debris. If you think your property could use a cleaning, drop us a line on 01522 246465 today.

Our Cleaning technicians

All our staff work to strict safety standards to ensure your home Is cleaned efficiently and effectively. We’re proud of delivering a service that keeps customers coming back year after year. Our work ethic is simple – we turn up on time, don’t leave any mess for you to clear up and we aim to give you the most competitive prices we can.

How We Protect your home

All-in-one treatment: destroys green deposits, algae, fungi andprotects materials.
Guard Cleaner® Algae & Protect is a preventative and curative treatment without rinsing with a long-lasting effect.

  • Curative: Guard Cleaner® Algae & Protect destroys all parasitic vegetation which is then removed by rain or simple cleaning.
  • Preventative: The water-repellent property protects materials and inhibits the reappearance of micro-organisms.


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Gutter Cleaning
Gutters can become blocked with dead leaf matter or other materials. When this happens they can overflow, stopping …
Per metre
UPVC Cleaning
UPVC is an easy-clean material that doesn’t need a regular cleaning, but still needs freshening up from time to time. …
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Driveway Cleaning
Driveways take quite the battering over time with cars and people coming in and out, but they can also collect other …
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Full roof restoration

Cleaning roofs

In the fullness of time roof tiles are colonised by moss, lichen and a host of other species. It is …


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Andrew Clarke

11 October 2021

11 October


Green shield removed moss and lichen from our Bungalow roof. They did this by scraping off all of the excess moss and then applied two chemical treatments. The ...
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